College Foundation Appoints Development Director on the Coast

September 30, 2015

Anna KvinslandThe Mendocino College Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Anna Kvinsland as a Development Director Consultant, responsible for development and outreach activities within Mendocino College’s coastal region. Kvinsland will work with the coastal community to develop Mendocino College scholarships for local students and establish the Foundation’s popular “Adopt a Fifth Grader” Achievement Award program at local elementary schools.

Katie Fairbairn, Executive Director of the Mendocino College Foundation, said, “Anna’s background in nonprofit administration, her relationships with local nonprofit arts and educational organizations, and her ties to the coastal community will be invaluable as we work to establish a strong base of support on the coast. With Anna’s help, we look forward to providing support services to our coastal students.”

Since 2014, the Coast campus has been under the direction of Mendocino Lake Community College District. Mendocino College Superintendent/President Arturo Reyes stated, “We look forward to increasing our presence on the coast and providing financial assistance and strong community support to our coastal students.”

Mendocino College Foundation, Inc, is a nonprofit organization made up of a 23 member volunteer board of directors committed to supporting Mendocino College's pursuit of excellence in education and services. We channels private funds to provide student scholarships, enrich instruction and basic skills, enhance program and staff development, and strengthen student services. In addition, we seek to promote and develop a mutually beneficial relationship between the college and the business/industrial community. 
To learn more about Foundation activities on the coast, contact Anna Kvinsland at 961-2203 For more information about Foundation programs or to donate towards any of our programs call 707-467-1018.

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