Announcing the Elwood Fund

November 15, 2018
New endowment fund will support Mendocino College Students enrolled in Theatre Arts

The Mendocino College Foundation is honored to announce the creation of the Elwood Fund which supports the college’s theatre arts program. 

The Elwood Fund is a new open-ended memorial endowment fund established to provide scholarships for graduating Theatre Arts majors and to supplement the Theatre Department’s operational budget. 

The Mendocino College Theatre Department prepares students for careers in theatre, but also for other careers and for life. Students gain organizational and leadership skills which transfer to any field. “They develop confidence in their abilities, and they become comfortable speaking and performing publicly. They learn how to meet tight deadlines and operate within a budget. They learn teamwork and the ability or work creatively in collaborative relationships. They learn time-management, and the ability to read a text closely for nuance and detail. They experience the joy of engaging in something for the “love of it” and thereby learn to value learning for its own sake! I can think of no better preparation for career and personal success than a degree in theatre!” stated Professor Edelman.

We invite you to support the fund today with a tax deductible gift. Jim Williams devotedly established the fund and named it after his first principal role, Elwood P. Dowd, in the Mendocino College production of Harvey, directed by Ellen Weed in 1992. 

Jim is a retired educator whose life has been enriched by his participation in live theatre. He invites others to join him in providing a long-term sustainable legacy that will help theatre majors complete their education while also supporting the ability of the department to provide an enriched educational experience. 

For more information about the Mendocino College Foundation or to donate towards any of their programs, contact Katie Fairbairn, Executive Director at or call 468-3164.



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