Coastal Student Christina Delgado Receives Multiple Scholarships

October 30, 2018

After completing Noyo High School, Christina Delgado began her college career on the coast at College of the Redwoods. But as a single mom, raising her children took precedence, and she was not able to return to her studies until her daughter reached the second grade. Now, she is fully embarked on a course to get her Associate Degree in Science, enter a nursing program and become a registered nurse.

Christina’s generous spirit, lively intelligence, and caring, helpful nature are well-suited to her choice of nursing as a career. She finds the pre-requisite chemistry class challenging, but studying with the best student in her class, Roxanne Korhummel—another scholarship recipien —helps her immensely. “She’s amazing!” Christine proudly says of her friend. The mutual support these women give each other inspires and empowers them both to succeed. At Christina's encouragement, Roxanne will also study nursing. 

At Mendocino College, Christina has found mentors who “made me see how smart I was.” She expresses gratitude to Katherine Brown, who taught her the skills to write college-level papers. “I know that I can go to her for help any time.” The five scholarships Christina has received will enable her to be a full-time student, helping pay for books, gas, and vehicle maintenance for her travel to the Ukiah campus.

Christina is part of a large and loving family. Her aunt owns the popular restaurant Los Gallitos, where Christina works. She gives credit to her family for their support and wisdom. “One thing that I was taught, not just in school, but in life, was from my mom. She is a very hard worker. She taught me to always be a very hard worker.” 

Christina’s grandfather immigrated from Mexico and found a job at the Georgia Pacific mill 60 years ago. Over time he brought his wife and children here and together they built a good life. His strong work ethic was: “Be better than people expect you to be.” He would often say. “Be proud and give the job your all.”

Christina feels deeply that it is critical for students - especially those returning to college later in life — to understand that they should just “Go for it and don’t sell yourself short! You can accomplish more than you give yourself credit for.” 

Christina continues, “I want a future where I am not limping from paycheck to paycheck, where my kids don’t have to worry. Sometimes I’m cramming the last few hours, to get something finished, and if I really just sit and motivate myself and don’t let anything get in my way, I can get it done. With kids and life and work, it’s hard, but as long as you just know that “I can do this!” you can do it. You have to put your heart and everything into it and work hard.” With her tremendous energy and sunny outlook, Christina Delgado is forging ahead to a better life for herself and her children.

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