Mendocino College Student Caitlin Luke Receives the Albert & Patricia Beltrami Scholarship

April 29, 2016

Twenty-year-old Caitlin Luke is the latest student to receive the Albert and Patricia Beltrami Scholarship at Mendocino College.

Luke will graduate from Mendocino College in May with a degree in Business Administration. She maintains an impressive 3.99 grade point average and plans to transfer to Chico or Long Beach to obtain a four-year degree in business with an emphasis in human resources.

Luke completed her internship with the Mendocino County HHSA Staff Resources division. She assisted staff with documentation pertaining to medical and maternity leaves, making accommodations for individuals with medical conditions, hiring, counseling, coaching and training. She researched job descriptions and salary schedules and learned how to create a new position and the required process.

Caitlyn Luke knew she was interested in human resources and liked the idea of an internship. An internship would give her the opportunity to see what HR was really like. According to Caitlyn Luke, “the internship convinced me that a career in human resources is exactly what I want.”

Albert Beltrami established the scholarship in 2012 to provide an opportunity for students to gain valuable real life experience and exposure to the internal workings of local government. “It was Al’s express wish to create a program which excites and encourages individuals to pursue a career in local government, politics, and upper level management positions,” stated Lana Eberhard, Scholarship Coordinator.

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