Yvonne Sligh Book Awards

Help a Mendocino College student buy a book. Morgan Parry bought a trigonometry textbook with her award.

Yvonne Sligh Book Awards

Going to school can be very expensive, and many students don’t receive any type of financial support.

The Yvonne Sligh (YS) book awards really help students offset the costs of textbooks. One required textbook can cost as much as $275.

Sometimes receiving a book award makes all the difference for a student who is struggling to attend college.

Yvonne Sligh was the Mendocino College Librarian for 16 years. She believed in helping students who “didn’t get any help.”  Namely, students who didn’t qualify for financial aid nor had they received a college scholarship.

In honor of Sligh, the Foundation created this book award program in her memory using her desired criteria. Qualifying students receive a $150 book voucher to purchase or rent required textbooks from the Mendocino College Bookstore.

More and more students need help paying for their textbooks.

Since its inception and with your help, hundreds of Mendocino College students have benefited from the Yvonne Sligh Book Award program.

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