Our Story

In May 1984, Mendocino College President Dr. Lee Lowery and education advocates Sybil Hinkle and Gabrielle Thomas met for the first time as Directors of the newly formed non-profit corporation Mendocino College Foundation, Inc. Their first order of business was to raise funds for book awards to help students in need. That tradition continues with our current Board—a dedicated team of volunteer community and business leaders who are passionate about student success.

Dedicated to the Legacy of Learning


The Foundation supports Mendocino College in educating leaders, fostering intellectual growth and enriching lives by creating opportunities to invest in a better future for our students and communities.


The Foundation will be a major force in helping students turn their hopes and dreams into realities.


Student Success: Providing educational opportunities for students to achieve their goals and become productive citizens.

Giving: Personal giving and in providing opportunities for anyone to share our passion for student success and fulfill their legacy of giving.

Stewardship: Building healthy and trusting relationships that respect donor wishes and ensure effective stewardship of our endowments.

Community: Engaging our communities in supporting the students of Mendocino College. We believe that through partnerships, we will develop healthy and enriched communities.


statement of financial position

Year ending June 30, 2019


Cash and cash equivalents $59,830
Investments $8,133,175
Receivables $347,617
Assets held by others $186,415
Notes receivable $694,372
Other assets $1,375
Land $1,104,370
Infrastructure $33,278
Total Assets $10,233,189

liabilities & net assets


Accounts payable $16,973
Deferred revenue
Total Liabilities $16,973

net assets

Net assets without donor restrictions $7,040,793
Net assets with donor restrictions $3,165,423
Total Net Assets $10,206,216
Total Liabilities and Net Assets $10,223,189