Adopt a Fifth Grader

Wade and Mary Lou Koeninger created the AAFG Scholarship Program because someone helped them go to college and they wanted to share the same gift with others.


“Every parent wants their child to have the opportunity to attend college and be successful. It is our sincerest hope that this program provides that very opportunity.”

—Wade and Mary Lou Koeninger

Creating a College-Going Culture One Fifth Grader at a Time

905 students have been awarded this honor since 2007

Are you ready to make a difference in a child’s life?

Jane Kesey, Christy Scollin, and Katie Fairbairn all donate to the AAFG program each year as a group because they know that receiving a college education is the gateway to a life fully lived!

You, your friends, family, or employer simply make a donation of $700. We do the rest…

Get started today!

Click here to download the AAFG donor form.

recipients receive:

$1,000 scholarship to attend Mendocino College

An understanding that they can go to college

The knowledge that obtaining an education is their key to increased opportunities in life

Graduate with Diploma

Upon completion of a certificate, Associate’s degree, and/or transferring to a 4-year university or college within 2 years, an additional $1,000 scholarship

Long Term Adopt a Fifth Grader Programs

When her teacher from Kelseyville Elementary School spoke about why she had selected Serena for the Adopt a Fifth Grader program, Serena had an emotional response to being seen and recognized; her fellow student lent her support. There was not a dry eye in the room!

Our Schools:

  • Sequoia Career Academy
  • Anderson Valley Elementary
  • Blosser Lane Elementary
  • Cobb Mountain Elementary
  • Dana Gray Elementary
  • Eagle Peak Middle School
  • Frank Zeek Elementary
  • Grace Hudson Elementary
  • Kelseyville Elementary
  • Laytonville Elementary
  • Lucerne Elementary
  • Mendocino K-8
  • Nokomis Elementary
  • Oak Manor Elementary
  • Potter Valley Elementary
  • River Oak Charter School
  • Riviera Elementary
  • Round Valley Elementary
  • St. Mary’s School
  • Terrace Middle School
  • Three Rivers Charter School
  • Upper Lake Union Elementary
  • Yokayo Elementary
  • Willits Charter Elementary School

Our donors are people just like you!

  • American Association of University Women, Ukiah Chapter
  • Andrew & Linda Banta
  • Barbara Nobles
  • Bette Fairbairn
  • Bob & Marlys Blanc
  • Bruce Burton
  • Caren Callahan
  • Carl & Gail Ehmann
  • Carrie Brigham
  • Carol Millsap, State Farm Insurance
  • Channing & Diana Cornell
  • Charles & Wanda Mannon
  • Christy & David Scollin
  • Claudia Smith-Hil
  • John Buechsenstein
  • Judy Conard
  • Kathy & Mark Smith
  • Katie Fairbairn
  • Keeling-Barnes Family Foundation
  • Kelseyville Sunrise Rotary
  • Rotary Club of Willits
  • Sean Leland, State Farm Insurance
  • Solid Wastes of Willits
  • Stephanie Carullo
  • Stephen & Elisabeth Pasternak
  • Tallman Hotel/Blue Wing Saloon Restaurant
  • Theresa Sessoyeff
  • Tom & Angie Herman
  • Tommy & Ann Thornhill
  • Ukiah Bridge Club
  • Ukiah Kiwanis Club
  • Ukiah Saturday Afternoon Club
  • Dick Eschenbach
  • Donna & Ed Berry
  • Doug Boswell Family
  • Dr. Diane Harris & Doug Hammerstrom
  • Ed Haynes
  • Ehmann Family Trust
  • Gary Ross
  • George & Ruth Bradford Foundation
  • Jason & Jessica Silva
  • Jay & Lisa Epstein
  • Jim & Marilyn Harden
  • Joe & Diane Mayfield
  • John & Sandy Mayfield
  • Lynne Bruner
  • Mark & Wendy DeMeulenaere
  • Mary Anne Landis & Howie Hawkes
  • Mary Heare Amodio
  • Mary Lamb
  • MC Management /Supervisory /Confidential Group
  • Mendo Lake Credit Union
  • Mendocino College Board of Trustees
  • Mendocino College Bookstore
  • Mendocino College Classified Senate
  • Mendocino College Foundation
  • Mendocino College Part Time Faculty
  • Mendocino College Trustees
  • North Shore Business Association
  • Pacific Redwood Medical Group
  • Paul Conrado
  • Richard & Beelu Robinson
  • Rotary Club of Fort Bragg
  • Rotary Club of Lakeport
  • Rotary Club of South Ukiah
  • Ukiah Valley Medical Center
  • Umpqua Bank
  • UVMC Operating Room Family
  • Wade & MaryLou Koeninger
  • Willits Rotary Club