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Coastal Foundations expand offerings at the Mendocino College Coast Center Campus

Coastal Foundations expand offerings at the Mendocino College Coast Center Campus

Fort Bragg, CA—June 4th, 2021— Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation completes the Mendocino College Foundation’s $72,000 fundraising campaign for a Physiology Lab classroom on the Coast, with a $30,000 grant. In Spring 2022, students will be able to take the Physiology course, a mandatory nursing pre-requisite, at the Mendocino College Coast Center campus for the first time.

The nation faces a healthcare crisis, with a projected shortage of nurses, especially in rural areas, that must be addressed in order to properly serve the healthcare needs of communities. The aging population along the Coast, coupled with a high cost of living, amplifies the need in this region.  An identified method to secure local nurses, is to educate local students interested in the profession. These potential students often have local housing available and have a strong tie to the community, which helps with retention.

A primary barrier for coastal students who are seeking nursing degrees is the three-hour round trip travel time to attend classes at the Ukiah campus.  Nursing prerequisite courses, like Physiology, are the most academically rigorous and time-intensive courses at Mendocino College.  In order to travel to Ukiah, potential students require a dependable form of transportation, gas money for the entire semesters, and the time to do so. Providing the facilities and staff to allow students to complete the Physiology course on the Coast greatly reduces the total time and days students must travel on the road to attain their nursing degree.

The ability to offer Physiology at the Coast Center, will make the reality of becoming a nurse much more likely for our local residents interested in pursuing that profession. Mendocino College Dean of Centers, Amanda Xu, is elated to see this course and a pre-nursing pathway available on the coast. “These courses provide local students the education they need to obtain a lucrative and in demand profession. It is a win-win for our community and Mendocino College students in so many ways.” 

The $30,000 grant from the Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation is supported by the MCHFoundation Excellence in Nursing Initiative designed to support the recruitment and retention of qualified nurses for the healthcare providers in our coastal community. The Excellence in Nursing Initiative includes a scholarship campaign that will provide for continued education of working coastal nurses, college students who are working toward their nursing degree, and high school students considering a career in healthcare. The Excellence in Nursing Initiative will highlight our healthcare heroes and address the immediate needs for the nursing community, including the housing and childcare shortage.

As stated by the Executive Director of the Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation, Mary Kate McKenna, “MCHFoundation is determined to provide resources that will support our nurses, our future nurses, and those who may be inspired to pursue a career in healthcare. These actions will create economic, social, and community benefits while ensuring that the healthcare system we all rely upon will be prepared to meet the need.”

For over 35 years, MCHFoundation has directly improved the lives of coastal residents and visitors by funding essential healthcare needs. Their fundraising efforts through events like Winesong and the generosity of their long-term supporters have provided critical funding for healthcare that benefits the entire community. The Excellence in Nursing Initiative seeks to raise $500K during 2021 in support of various campaigns, such as this, that will provide for the immediate and long-term needs surrounding nursing on the coast. 

Anna Kvinsland, Director of Development for the Mendocino College Foundation, said “The Friends of Mendocino College Coast Center kicked off the Physiology Lab classroom campaign by committing $1,000 of their funds, and through a combination of donations received from individuals, Strong Workforce funds, COVID Relief funds, and a new partnership with the Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation, the one-time cost of $72,000 was raised in less than 2 months. This is a tremendous benefit for our students and the coastal community as a whole.”

The Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation supports organizations that care for the health and wellness of the Mendocino coastal communities. To learn more about MCHFoundation and its mission, visit their website at To support the Excellence in Nursing Initiative with a donation, reach out directly to MCHFoundation at (707) 961-4671 or use their online donation form on their website.

The Mendocino College Foundation supports Mendocino College in educating leaders, fostering intellectual growth, and enriching lives by creating opportunities to invest in a better future for our students and communities.  To learn more about Mendocino College and its mission, visit their website at, or reach out directly at (707) 467-1018.

Three Mendocino College Students Awarded Natural Science Scholarships

Three Mendocino College Students Awarded Natural Science Scholarships

The Friends of the Mendocino College Coastal Field Station and Natural Sciences, an affiliate of the Mendocino College Foundation, is pleased to announce the awarding of three scholarships to worthy Mendocino College natural science students. The Mary Lou Koeninger Memorial Scholarship in Earth Science will be awarded to Ana Delgado Mendoza this year. Two scholarships sponsored by the Mendocino Coast Audubon Society will also be awarded: Missael Barosa has been nominated for the 2021 Brandon Pill Memorial Scholarship, and Erin Orth will receive the Greg Grantham Memorial Scholarship.

Inspired by her parents’ educational path, Ana Delgado Mendoza originally was planning a psychology major until she learned she had an aptitude for, and interest in, mathematics. After taking a physics class, her focus on applied science was cemented. Ana is now planning on transferring to a four-year school to continue her education in earth science with an emphasis in either geology, physics, environmental science or oceanography. “Because of my broad interests, regardless of which university I transfer to, I believe I will likely be double majoring or minoring in a related subject simply because there is so much I want to learn,” she says. Ana has so far been accepted to all CSUs she applied to, and is awaiting the decision from both UC Santa Cruz and UC Davis. “I know that I want to have a career that benefits the Earth, its environment, and its life,” she explains. “I also know that I want to become a teacher or professor at some point in my life to pass on my knowledge and inspire others.” Funding for the Mary Lou Koeninger Memorial Scholarship is made possible through a generous donation to the Mendocino College Foundation by Wade Koeninger.

Missael Barosa was raised in the small town of Philo. “Since I was small I have always loved wildlife and enjoyed being outside,” he says. He has done field work in the local agriculture industry, including testing grape vines for harmful pests. Although the COVID-19 mitigation over the last year slowed his academic progress, Missa plans to graduate from Mendocino College with a degree in Natural Resources by next year. He hopes to transfer to Sonoma State University or Chico State University to complete his Bachelor of Science in Education. “I [have always] spent a great deal of time walking around exploring the outside nature, instead of being inside.” Missa’s goal is to ultimately become a ranger or a lab assistant/scientist that spends a lot of the time outside the lab. The Brandon Pill Memorial Scholarship is an annual award presented by the Mendocino Coast Audubon Society.

Having taken quite a few business classes, Erin Orth did not originally plan on a career in science. Now her goal is to become a conservation scientist and study environmental science at the graduate level. “When I realized that my passion lied in Environmental Science, I knew that I was home,” she says. Erin has participated in many farming projects with an emphasis on organic agriculture, soil fertility and biological diversity preservation. Since beginning her environmental degree at Mendocino College, she has been involved in many more research projects including tracking animal migration, capturing data through native plant plots and collecting data for native bird and insect identification. “I believe that sustainable use of our forests and soil is imperative to the preservation of our future generations,” Erin says. The Greg Grantham Memorial Scholarship is made possible through an accumulation of special donations from many county residents over the past year.

For more information about the Friends of the Mendocino College Coastal Field Station and Natural Sciences, please contact earth science professor Steve Cardimona at (707) 468-3219.

“Stocker Family Establishes Ricardo Stocker Scholarship for Former Mendocino College Professor”

“Stocker Family Establishes Ricardo Stocker Scholarship for Former Mendocino College Professor”

Ukiah…The Mendocino College Foundation is honored to announce the creation of the Ricardo Stocker Scholarship for students attending Mendocino College.

The Scholarship is made possible with a generous initial donation from the Stocker family.

Ricardo had a lasting effect on the community of Mendocino County. He worked as a counselor in drug and alcohol programs; provided bilingual counseling through Nuestra Casa, Anderson Valley School District, Project Sanctuary, the Youth Project and Neuesta Alianza; he was a storyteller at Juvenile Hall and in various elementary school classrooms. Ricardo is remembered fondly by students, faculty and the administration at Mendocino College where he taught for over 20 years. He is remembered as an inspirational mentor to many unconventional students.

“Dr. Stocker taught as a part-time faculty for Mendocino College for over twenty years as an Interpersonal Communications and Psychology of Personal Growth instructor. He was very popular among students with classes that consistently filled quickly,” said Debra Polak, Mendocino College Vice President of Academic Affairs. “He cared for our community beyond the Mendocino College classroom as a bilingual counselor who consistently made his services available to the Latino community through organizations such as Nuestra Alianza de Willits. 

I personally will remember Ricardo for the intelligence, care and humility he communicated in the many brief encounters I had with him. I did not know until I was preparing this note to you that he had recently published a book entitled Our Compassionate Kosmos: Awakening to the Presence of Celestial Love. I believe he taught and served his community with compassion. He will be missed.”

Stocker was born on September 11, 1947, in Buenos Aires, Argentina to Hector Stocker and Carlota Mujia Linares. He grew up in Buenos Aires, attending Catholic school. In 1970, he left Argentina to travel through Latin America and Europe. He studied Waldorf Education at Emerson College in England and at the Alanus University in Germany. His daughter Franziska was born in Germany to Gabriela Scholter in 1976. He met his wife, Deborah Mead, in England in 1978. They moved to Northern Ireland, where Ricardo taught at the only non-denominational school in the country and where his son Orion was born in 1979. They later moved to Colorado, where their son Morgan was born in 1981.

In 1984, Ricardo and his family moved to Northern California into a home on Greenfield Ranch, where his son Santiago was born. Ricardo was hired as a teacher at the Waldorf School in Calpella. Ricardo spent much time wandering through the beautiful hills and forests of Greenfield Ranch. Ricardo never stopped believing in the power of education. He received his bachelor’s degree from Prescott College in 1994, his master’s degree from Saybrook University in 1999, and his PhD in Psychology from CIIS in 2003.

Ricardo left an indelible mark on the lives of many people through his storytelling, counseling, music, philosophy, poetry, and teachings.

To donate to the Ricardo Stocker Scholarship or to learn more about the Mendocino College Foundation, please contact Eliza Fields, Administrative Assistant/Scholarship Coordinator at or call 707-467-1018.

To donate to the Ricardo Stocker Scholarship via the donate button, please select “scholarships” and in the comments selection include “Ricardo Stocker Scholarship” in order for it to be appropriately applied. To donate to the Ricardo Stocker Scholarship via check, please include in the memo line “Ricardo Stocker Scholarship”.

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