Other Programs

Community impact - $37,000. We asked for your help to build a demonstration vineyard. You gave it.

Other Programs

Many of our campus programs spanning arts, agriculture, and athletics would not exist without donor support.  With your help we are making a big difference in a variety of ways funding:

  • Nursing shoes and lab coats
  • Vernier microscopes
  • Minke whale skeleton
  • Place settings of dishes for the Culinary Arts Program
  • NCLEX campaign (paid for nurses to take their state board exams)
  • Uniforms for men’s and women’s basketball
  • Demonstration vineyard
  • Chemistry lab in a standard classroom
  • TI-84 calculators
  • Student Veteran’s office

These are just some of the many ways your donations are used to support student learning at Mendocino College.  

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