Validating our students’ hard work, one scholarship at a time
Even a small scholarship can make a BIG difference.
Staff and faculty support the Scholarship Program. Reid Edelman with Full Time Faculty award recipients.
Perpetual scholarships provide a living legacy. Les Gregg Family Scholarship recipient Diego Becerra.

Scholarships Come in All Shapes and Sizes

We customize your scholarship to fit the criteria you choose in a recipient. Awards can be based on all, some or none of the following:

  • Grade point average
  • Enrollment
    (e.g. full-time, part-time)
  • Major and/or career goals
  • Community service
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Enrollment status
    Current, New, Returning, Transferring
  • Financial need
  • Geographic location
    Mendocino County Resident, Lake County resident, Coastal Mendocino County Resident
  • Group affiliation
    (e.g. US Armed Services Veteran)

It Takes A Community

Scholarships are awarded annually. Applications are accepted from January 2 thru March 1 for scholarships in the upcoming academic year. In 2018, 241 students were awarded Mendocino College scholarships and book vouchers totaling $253,500. Over $50,000 were donor-sponsored awards from community organizations and individuals like you.

Mendocino College Scholarships Awarded for 2018-2019

  • American Association of University Women, Ukiah Branch Re-Entry Women Scholarships
  • American Association of University Women, Willits Branch Women’s Re-Entry Scholarship in Memory of Pat McKillican
  • Associated Students of Mendocino College Student Success Scholarships
  • Chapter WQ PEO Yvonne Sligh Scholarship
  • Coastal Mendocino Association of Realtors - Allen B. Carlson Memorial Scholarship
  • First Presbyterian Church of Fort Bragg - Walter & Jean Bayer Scholarship
  • Floyd Ross Memorial Scholarship
  • George & Ruth Bradford Foundation Scholarships
  • Fort Bragg Guild Scholarship Fund
  • Gwen Mathews Honorary Scholarship
  • Heidi Marie Daniel Memorial Scholarship
  • Hulda and Alfred Weger Scholarship
  • IME BECAS Scholarship
  • Jeff Banks Scholarship
  • John Milder Scholarship-Ukiah Natural Foods
  • Karen L. Atkinson Nursing Scholarship
  • Kathleen Kohn Fetzer Family Foundation Scholarship
  • Lake County Friends of Mendocino College Scholarships
  • LaRue Kobrin Memorial Scholarships
  • Les Gregg Family Scholarship
  • Mendocino Coast Audubon Scholarship
  • Mendocino College Classified Senate Scholarships
  • Mendocino College Coast Center Art & Science Scholarship
  • Mendocino College Faculty Association Scholarships
  • Mendocino College Federation of Teachers Scholarship
  • Mendocino College Foundation Academic Excellence Scholarships
  • Mendocino College Foundation Adopt A Fifth Grader Scholarships
  • Mendocino College Foundation Bob & Marlys Blanc Scholarship
  • Mendocino College Foundation Bogner Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Mendocino College Foundation Carl J. Ehmann Scholarship
  • Mendocino College Foundation Coast Scholarships
  • Mendocino College Foundation Directors/Trustees Annual Fund Scholarships
  • Mendocino College Foundation Evelyn R. Foote Scholarship
  • Mendocino College Foundation George R. Szanik Scholarship
  • Mendocino College Foundation Jim Meyer Scholarship
  • Mendocino College Foundation Joan & Harry Bistrin Scholarship
  • Mendocino College Foundation Joe & Dorothy Halliday Scholarships
  • Mendocino College Foundation Mary Oosting Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Mendocino College Foundation Promise Awards
  • Mendocino College Foundation Salmen Family Scholarship
  • Mendocino College Foundation Scholarships
  • Mendocino College Foundation Thomas M. Evans Sr. Scholarship
  • Mendocino College Management/Supervisory/Confidential Scholarships
  • Mendocino County Fair Wine Competition Scholarship
  • Mendocino Study Club Re-Entry Scholarships
  • Natalie McCoy Foucault Scholarship
  • Native American Higher Education Scholarships
  • Osher Scholar Awards
  • Peregrine Natural History Scholarship
  • Potter Valley Garden Club Scholarship
  • Ron R. Hedley Recording Arts Scholarship
  • Rotary Club of Ukiah Scholarship
  • Rossi Building Materials Scholarship
  • Silveira/Cleary Family Scholarship
  • The Community Foundation of Mendocino County - Fionna & Richard Perkins Scholarship
  • Tom Goforth Scholarship
  • Ukiah Kiwanis Club and Bill Brown Memorial Scholarships
  • Ukiah Saturday Afternoon Club Reentering Woman Scholarships
  • Wallace Meek Perez & Dr. Virginia Martinez Meek MESA Scholarship

We help students dreams come true, and so can you

Your scholarship could

  • Allow a student to attend full-time rather than part-time
  • Provide the means to pay for transportation to take classes not available online
  • Buy a textbook they simply cannot afford
  • Allow a student to stretch their budget beyond basic day-to-day living expenses to attend college and achieve their goal of creating a better life for themselves and their families

Give the gift of educational support to a deserving Mendocino College student. Complete and send your scholarship donor form today!

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Mendocino College Scholarships — Free money to help you achieve your dreams

The annual Mendocino College scholarship application period begins on January 2 and ends on March 1. Awards are for the following Fall and Spring semesters.

For information about the awards, requirements, deadlines and the application process,visit the Mendocino College website at or call 707-467-1018.

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