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Scholarships are awarded annually. Applications are accepted from December thru March for scholarships in the upcoming academic year. In 2019, 149 students were awarded Mendocino College Scholarships and book vouchers totaling $185,000.


Mendocino College Scholarships  
Free money to help you achieve your dreams

The annual Mendocino College scholarship application period begins on December 2 and ends on March 2. Awards are for the following Fall and Spring semesters.

For information about the awards, requirements, deadlines and the application process, click the button below or call 707-467-1018. Average time taken to apply is between 45 minutes to an hour.


We help students dreams come true,
and so can you.

Your scholarship could:


Allow a student to attend full-time rather than part-time

Provide the means to pay for transportation to take classes not available online

Buy a textbook they simply cannot afford

Allow a student to stretch their budget beyond basic day-to-day living expenses to attend college

Contact us today to establish your scholarship. Help us, help them!

Call us today for more details at 707.468.3164 or email us

We customize your scholarship to fit the criteria you choose in a recipient. Awards can be based on all, some or none of the following:

Scholarships Come in All Shapes and Sizes

  • Grade point average
  • Enrollment
    (e.g. full-time, part-time)
  • Major and/or career goals
  • Community service
  • Financial need
  • Geographic location
    Mendocino County Resident, Lake County resident, Coastal Mendocino County Resident